Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Mrscool-math.gif. Ellis, Mr. Force, Mrs. Lewandowski, Mrs. Romito

Grades—Nine weeks grades will consist of scores received on summative assessments (60%), formative assessments (25%), homework (10%), and notebook/classwork (5%).

Weekly Homework—You will receive a weekly homework assignment every Monday. It is due the last day of the week that we have school, usually Friday. We offer a “pre-check”, usually on Wednesday, during class. At this time, we will check your homework and mark any problems that are incorrect. You may then fix any problems you got wrong before Friday. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the pre-check. We provide homework help every Thursday during recess or before school starting at 7 A.M. in the media center. Students are permitted to use calculators on their homework. However, process must be shown when asked for on specific problems.

Notebook—You will be required to keep a graph paper notebook in math class. All class notes, activities, and problems will be kept in this notebook. You should bring your notebook to class everyday. Notebooks will be regularly monitored.

Late Assignments—We expect work to be completed on time. Late work will be penalized. All work must be completed, even if it is turned in late.

Extra Help—We are available to help students everyday before school at 7:00 A.M. In addition, a math extension period will be offered during recess. Students participating in this extension period will be determined on a topic by topic basis by Mr. Force, Mrs. Lewandowski, Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Romito. Please contact one of us with any questions or concerns. bforce@aurora-schools.org , kellis@aurora-schools.org, kromito@aurora-schools.org, plewandowski@aurora-schools.org

We are looking forward to working with you for an enjoyable & educational year!